6 July 2017

Passion is a well-known characteristic of a Spaniards’ personality and it is always present in any kind of Festival. Any pretext is enough to celebrate with our family and friends, especially our beloved traditional festivals that are present from the largest cities to the smallest villages.

So, every May the streets of Madrid fill up with people, fun, colours, assorted spectacles, delicious traditional food and drinks. But this not only was a journey through tradition, it also was a great way to discover Madrid’s nightlife, its ultimate places to be, the awesome views from the rooftops…

San Isidro’s Madrid Festival was a great pretext to invite @smailnow and @ylvannaerica to discover it and share 43 hours full of passion and joy. The Spanish influencer Rosana Pérez @_s_w_l_ received and guided them through the city.

Our influencers have shown their favourite golden moments to more than 300,000 followers around the world. Here, we show you the most important moments of their 43 hours of passion emphasising the good moments enjoyed through food, music and – of course – Licor 43.