Passion unleashed in San Sebastián

7 October 2016

San Sebastián, renowned for its beauty and for having some of the best restaurants in the world, is always an impressive city. But when it holds its prestigious film festival, it becomes a magical place where you can live a passionate atmosphere with cinema and culture on every corner of this town.

In short, the perfect moment to live 43 hours of Pura Pasión, which is fortunately what  Wendy Van Soest and Britt Maxime, two Dutch known “influencers” did. They were guided by local blogger Josune Sanchíz, who for 43 hours  submerged them in everything that  this place offers, the European Capital of Culture 2016. Fashion, art, gastronomy, cinema and, of course, exclusive parties with the stars of the Festival.

But beyond  what we may say, we recommend that you  discover through their blogs how they lived these unforgettable 43 hours of Pura Pasión in San Sebastián.

Wendy Van Soest

Britt Maxime

Josune Sanchizán