Licor 43 Virtual Reality

16 June 2015

Get closer to the Pura Pasión of Licor 43 than ever before with virtual reality technology.

Taking inspiration from our latest TV campaign the Samsung Gear VR experience transports you right into the heart of a Barcelona rooftop party, where you’ll join our stomping, twirling partygoers, feel the beat of the Cajon and experience Pura Pasión through immersive 360-degree video.

“This the first time a virtual reality experience powered by 360-degree video has been used in parallel with a TV campaign,” said Juan Carlos Salas, Creative Director at Madrid based advertising agency Love Publicidad, “and that demonstrates the adventurous and progressive spirit of Licor 43.”

Our immersive virtual reality experience is not to be missed, and can only be found at Licor 43 events. Follow us on social media to find out about events near you and experience Pura Pasión in an amazing new way.