Discover Licor 43 Baristo

31 May 2018

Licor 43 has discovered one of the last coffee plantations in Europe. In the Agaete Valley, a hidden paradise located on the Island of Gran Canaria, Spain.  Local farmers have grown for more than 200 years the Arabica Typica variety, a very singular coffee variety, very appreciated by coffee experts. The volcanic soil of Gran Canaria, paired with its soft climate set the ideal conditions to grow this unique and singular coffee.

We have fused our Licor43 Original with this exceptional Canarian coffee to create Licor 43 Baristo, a sublime taste for food and drink lovers.

Licor 43 Baristo maintains Licor 43 soul, based in 43 natural ingredients, with an extra layer of complexity and richness , offering pleasant coffee flavours, dark chocolate, liquorice and dried fruits notes and a long and persistent after taste.

We recommend to sip Licor 43 Baristo on the rocks, which can be enjoyed after any meal at home, our in your favourite restaurant or coffee shop.