Bringing our Pura Pasión to Dull

22 September 2016

If our mission is to unleash and spread our Spanish passion all over the world, what must we do if we find out that there is a place in the middle of nowhere in Scotland called Dull, and on top of that, is proudly paired with Boring in the USA and Bland in Australia?

Precisely, we invited 43 passionate Spaniards to this soundless village of “Dull” to bring their passion out and share with them the unrestrained happiness of Spain.

Watch the video (above) and see how this squad of Licor 43 took the place by storm to spice things a little with Spanish music, dance, cocktails and Pura Pasión. Furthermore, we have the kind and very positive reaction of the villagers of Dull that were delighted by this totally unforeseen event, enjoying it to the fullest. And confirming that with our Pura Pasión, Dull is not dull anymore.