Sangría Oro 43

Sangría Oro 43 is the perfect centerpiece for any summer party. We suggest using apples and oranges, but you can use any fruit of your choosing.



150ml Licor 43 (3 parts / 5oz)

50ml gin or vodka (1 part / 1¾oz)

350ml sparkling wine (13 parts / 12oz)

150ml apple juice (3 parts / 5oz)

1 apple, cut into six pieces

1 orange, cut into six pieces

juice from half a lemon

ice cubes


  1. Put the ice cubes and fruit pieces in the bottom of your jug.
  2. Stirring constantly as you pour, add the gin or vodka.
  3. Follow with the apple and lemon juice.
  4. Top with sparkling wine and finish with the Licor 43.
  5. Depending on your tastes and the time of year, you could also use a selection of seasonal fruits.


Jug, to serve Licor 43 balón glasses or large wineglasses


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