Discover our History

Romans discover Liqvor Mirabilis

When the Romans conquered Carthago Nova, they encountered the Liqvor Mirabilis – or marvellous liquid. A golden, aromatic elixir produced and infused from local fruits and herbs.

The Romans banned the production and consumption, but the Carthaginians continued in secret. Nowadays, this elixir inspires the recipe of Licor 43.

The Zamora family starts the production

Mr. Diego Zamora with his brother and sister, Angel and Josefina, and the support of Emilio Restoy, Josefina’s husband, gathered all they had and, with hard work and unlimited enthusiasm, started to bottle the liqueur themselves.

A humble beginning made of passion that started the history of Diego Zamora group.

Establishing a top notch brand

Within a few years, we became a market leader. The advertising industry in Spain was still emerging, but the investment in graphic and audiovisual media set a constant in our development. Besides, it helped to create some of the most memorable ads from that era.

From Spain to the world

Spain started to see the arrival of thousands of tourists eager to enjoy the paradisiac climate and the unforgettable beaches. All these people discovered Licor 43 and the word of mouth started to spread when they returned.

Naturally, the next step was to export our golden liqueur so it could be enjoyed everywhere.

Our advertising becomes pop

In the 70’s our messages were full of colour and modernity, associated with crushed ice, consolidating itself at that time as a long drink: Pilé 43. The borderline between advertising and pop art was blurred, inviting a generation to declare the “war on vulgarity”.

The success was overwhelming, and we became a top national brand.

New ways to engage our consumers

Seeking to make our brand flourish among consumers, we looked for new ways to engage our audiences by sponsoring first class events.

One of the most memorable ones, was when we sailed around the globe. We built a  yacht with a Spanish crew to sail 27,000 nautical miles from Cabo de Buena Esperanza to Cabo de Hornos. All of this while we sponsored and participated in the Whitbread Round the World Race, the most prestigious race in the world.

A steady pace of growth

After more than a century we were already known around the world with a strong marketing communications presence in all media. This strategy, in addition to a great product, helped to consolidate our image both in Spain and internationally.

The most international Spanish spirit

The first decade of the XXI century was driven by an unstoppable international expansion. We reached over fifty countries such as Australia, Germany, Mexico, and the USA, making it the most international premium Spanish liqueur of all time.

Pura Pasión

Coinciding with the redesign of the new bottle, we unified our global image through what best defines the Spanish character: our pure passion.

Our mission is to spread our passionate way of living making the most of every little moment. A core idea that summarises what’s inside each bottle of Licor 43: Pura Pasión.

Introducing Licor 43 Orochata

After 70 incredible years enjoying Licor 43 we can finally say that we have a new sibling able to be at its height: Licor 43 Orochata.

A light, delicious silky liqueur inspired by the “horchata”, iconic drink in Spain, and fused with Licor 43 Original. A new taste sensation that will not leave you indifferent: you like it or you love it!