Our new campaign – Blackout

25 May 2015

We’re extremely excited to announce the launch of our latest campaign, Blackout.

In our TV commercial a dazzling modern flamenco lights up a darkened night with Spanish energy – and in the golden glow of Licor 43, the guests reveal their Pura Pasión.

Our Global Brand Manager, Matthew Turner, said: “This campaign fits the brand perfectly. Licor 43 is one of the world´s most exciting spirits, passionately proud of its Spanish heritage yet contemporary and adventurous with an amazingly versatile serve.

“Licor 43 is going to be the spirits sensation of 2015.”

Experience Pura Pasión and watch our commercial now.

The making of Blackout

While we’re delighted to have finally launched our new campaign, Blackout, we’re already starting to miss the fun we had on set.

In fact we had so much fun we think it’d be a shame not to share. So, you can now watch The Making of Blackout and experience the excitement as our cast prepares for the shoot.