3 November 2017

Passion is a key ingredient in any cocktail. We are convinced of that and also consumers around the world.

So, this time, instead of organizing just another competition based on the complexity of cocktails, we wanted to be the very first company worldwide to reward passion and character shown at the bar by professionals. Because you will agree with us that when a bartender transmits his energy and enthusiasm while preparing a cocktail, it tastes so much better.

Over two days, from October 23rd to 25th, 16 participants from all over the world enjoyed an unforgettable event, organized to test and squeeze all their qualities to the max, with different challenges and workshops from the best specialists in the always inspiring city of Barcelona.

In the final, in which they had to surprise the jury with an original cocktail of Licor 43 and coffee as the main ingredients, the winner was Martin Kramer from Germany, followed by Joe Macbeth from the United Kingdom, Rasmus Greve Christiansen from Denmark and Lucas Carlsson from Sweden.

Follow our social networks to discover the recipes of the finalist cocktails to enjoy and surprise your friends at home.