What is Licor 43 Original?

Licor 43 Original is a liqueur produced in Cartagena, Spain from a secret Spanish family recipe of Mediterranean citrus fruits infused with selected botanicals. It’s stunningly golden, sensationally smooth and completely delicious.

What is the ABV of Licor 43 Original?

Licor 43 Original is 31% ABV.

Is Licor 43 Original an egg liqueur?

No. In fact, Licor 43 Original doesn’t contain any egg.

What distinguishes Licor 43 Original from other liqueurs?

There’s nothing like Licor 43 Original. With its Spanish heritage, golden colour and varied citrus, vanilla and spice flavours Licor 43 Original is truly unique.

Is Licor 43 Original made with natural ingredients?

We can’t reveal our product ingredients — sorry, it’s company policy. But we can tell you that the majority of Licor 43 Original ingredients are natural and include Mediterranean citrus fruits infused with selected botanicals.

Does Licor 43 Original contain nuts?

No. Licor 43 Original is free of nuts.

Is Licor 43 Original gluten free?

Yes. Licor 43 Original is gluten free.

Is Licor 43 Original suitable for vegans?

Yes. Licor 43 Original is suitable for vegans.

Does Licor 43 Original contain colourings?

Yes, a small amount of colouring is added to give colour stability.

Why is Licor 43 Original so versatile?

It’s all down to the ingredients, which deliver layered flavours of citrus, vanilla and spice. It’s these flavours, and how they harmonise with the ingredients of different serves, that make Licor 43 Original so versatile.

What is the best temperature for delivering a perfect Licor 43 Original serve?

There’s no best temperature – just serve it how you like it best! Try it neat at room temperature, chilled, or with ice.

Can I put Licor 43 Original in the freezer?

Yes, it will not freeze in a domestic freezer and after a couple of hours it will be deliciously chilled.

Does Licor 43 Original have an expiry date?

No. So long as it isn’t exposed to extreme light and the bottle remains unopened it will stay in perfect condition. But, like any alcoholic product, from the moment the bottle is opened the quality will slowly diminish.


What is Licor 43 Orochata?

Licor 43 Orochata is an exciting new product from Licor 43, a deliciously light, silky Spanish liqueur inspired by the traditional Horchata recipe from Valencia & fused with Licor 43 Original with delicately sweet Mediterranean flavours layered with tiger nut, spice & citrus.

What makes it different to other cream liqueurs?

Firstly, Licor 43 Orochata is NOT a cream liqueur, it contains NO cream. Yet despite containing no cream it is wonderfully creamy in texture. This creaminess is derived from the vegetable base and ´tiger nut´ the same crop from which the iconic Spanish drink Horchata is made. Traditional ´classic´ cream liqueurs are heavy and filling but with the absence of cream Licor 43 Orochata is light, refreshing and easy to drink.

But, there is more! With its Spanish roots and personality, Licor 43 Orochata brings an infectious passion, vibrancy and love of life as yet unseen in the somewhat staid, static cream liqueur market.

What is Horchata?

Horchara is a refreshing cool shake made from the tiger nut, blended with sugar & sometimes flavoured with cinnamon and lemon, Horchata has a light, creamy flavour & contains no cream.

What is the tiger nut?

The tiger nut is one of the earliest domesticated groups and it has been a highly prized food since ancient Egypt. Tiger nut cultivation stretches from Egypt across North Africa to reach Spain in the VIII (eighth) century A.D. & it found its heartland in Valencia where the soil & sun is perfect for its growth.

What makes Horchata from Valencia special?

Today, the highest quality tiger nuts are still grown in Valencia and it is the classic, traditional Horchata from Valencia that is the inspiration behind Licor 43 Orochata.

What does it taste like?

The key flavours are tiger nut, citrus and spices like vanilla and cinnamon. The tiger nut gives a soft sweetness and it is wonderfully creamy and light, not heavy and ´clinging´ to the mouth like a traditional cream liqueur containing cream. It´s delicious and once tasted we are certain people will fall in love!

Does it contain cream?

No, it does not contain cream.

Does it contain milk?

It does not contain milk, but it does contain milk protein.

Why does it contain milk protein if there is no milk inside?

It’s an ingredient in its composition and contributes to a longer shelf life.

Should it be drunk by those allergic to milk?

There are many types of dairy intolerance, the decision of consuming our product must be made by the consumer, depending on their type of intolerance. This product does not contain milk, but it does contain milk protein. However, this product does share some facilities with other products that contain milk and we need to inform about the cross-contamination possibility.

Both of these points, ‘contains milk protein’ and ‘may contain traces of milk’ are communicated on the bottle’s rear label.

Can it be drunk by those allergic to nuts?

Yes, it can. The tiger nut is not a nut it´s a tuber.

Is it lactose free?

Yes it’s lactose free.

Is it gluten free?

Yes it’s gluten free.

Is it 100% vegetable?

It is vegetable based, but it is not 100% vegetable.

What are the key ingredients?

Sugar, alcohol, vegetable oil and tiger nuts.

What is the calorie count?

Is it lower than Licor 43 Original.

But it is Diego Zamora policy not to declare the calorie count of its products.

Is it made with Licor 43 Original?

Yes, it is infused with Licor 43 Original.

What is the ABV?

16% alcohol by volume.

Does it have a ‘best before date’ before opened?

No, there is no ‘best before date’.

Does it have a ´best before date´ after opening?

No, but to enjoy at its best avoid exposure to sunlight, temperatures above 30º and keep refrigerated.

How is it best enjoyed?

Chill for a few hours in the fridge, shake and then pour over ice: simple and delicious!

What makes Licor 43 Orochata different to other cream liqueurs?

Firstly, it is from Licor 43 and contains Licor 43 Original. It is inspired by the national drink of Spain Horchata and unlike others, instead of cream, derives its wonderful smoothness from the tiger nut, which in turn brings lighter, more refreshing taste.

Where can I find Licor 43 Orochata?

At the moment Licor 43 Orochata is available only in selected countries from Nothern Europe and Spain Duty Free stores.  


What does ‘Fama Volat’ mean?

Licor 43 bottles have always carried the quote ‘Fama Volat’. It means ‘rumour has wings’ and is taken from the ancient Roman poet Virgil’s famous book The Aeneid. We think it’s the perfect way to describe how people share their thoughts, feelings and experiences of Licor 43.

Where is Licor 43 produced and bottled?

All Licor 43 products has always been, and is today only produced and bottled in Cartagena, Spain.

Is Licor 43 packaging recyclable?

Yes. All Licor 43’s packaging products are made from glass, plastic and paper and is 100% recyclable.

Who owns Licor 43?

Licor 43 is entirely owned by Diego Zamora S.A., a family-owned company run by three generations of the Zamora family.

How many bottles of Licor 43 are sold globally every year?

The 2015 figures from IWSR, the drinks industry’s most trusted source for analysis, report annual global sales of more than seven million 700ml bottles, making Licor 43 the bestselling premium Spanish liqueur in the world.

How did Licor 43 became successful around the world?

In the 1970s there was a huge boom in Spanish tourism. People came from all around the world and fell in love with the country, its people, the culture and of course, Licor 43. Today, as always, the key to its success is its Spanish heritage and unique taste. After tasting it for the first time people wanted to share the experience with others, and so the ‘Fama Volat’ began – and word spread right across the globe.

What are Licor 43’s key markets?

The brand’s key markets are Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Scandinavian countries, Belgium, the US, Mexico and global travel retail.

In how many countries is Licor 43 sold?

Today Licor 43 is sold in over 57 countries.

What is the annual turnover or profit of Licor 43?

Unfortunately it’s company policy not to disclose financial information.

Is Licor 43 and/or Diego Zamora S.A publically listed?

No, the brand and company are 100% owned by the Zamora family.