Red Sangría 43

Do things a little differently at your next get together with our romantically red – and extra fruity – sangria. We’ve suggested an assortment of fruits, but feel free to choose your own.



150ml Licor 43 (3 parts / 5oz)

50ml brandy (1 part / 1¾oz)

500ml red wine (10 parts / 17oz)

100ml soda (2 parts / 3⅓oz)

250ml orange juice (5 parts / 8½oz)

4tbsp sugar

ice cubes

juice from half a lime

fruit assortment (lemon, pear, orange and peach), peeled and cut into chunks


  1. Stirring throughout, combine the fruit assortment with the Licor 43, sugar and brandy at the bottom of your jug.
  2. Leave the ingredients to soak for around 15 minutes.
  3. Add the red wine, soda, orange juice and lime juice and stir again.
  4. Depending on your tastes and the time of year, you could also use a selection of seasonal fruits instead of the suggested ones, sure you get a delicious personal touch.


Jug, to serve and large wineglassesJug, to serve Large wineglasses


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